10 Bands Who Should Play President Donald Trump's Inauguration

Music for people who burn crosses.


New Year Resolution #1: stop buying pills from a dealer named Morpheus. Resolution #2: find someone more famous than the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to perform at President Trump’s inauguration.

No offense to the MTC – they have their place in history, having previously played for Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon. The fact that Johnson took the country to war while Nixon resigned in disgrace is purely coincidental.

The Devil may have all the best tunes but the Democrats have all the best acts, from Frank Sinatra (who performed at John F Kennedy’s Inaugural Gala) to Aretha Franklin and Beyonce, both of whom performed for Obama. The best the Republicans could do was Ethel Merman, who performed God Bless America at Ronald Reagan’s Inauguration Ceremony, although Dubya Bush’s “star studded” 2001 Inauguration included Ricky Martin, Jessica Simpson and 18 Degrees.

Talent like that doesn’t grow on trees so Trump may have to make do, especially now that Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, KISS and Katy Perry have ruled themselves out. Or he could call one of the following bands, each of which is sure to get the crowds pumped up on January 20th.


Ian Watson is the author of 'Midnight Movie Madness', a 600+ page guide to "bad" movies from 'Reefer Madness' to 'Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.'