10 Best Eminem Tracks

EminemBatten down the hatches-Eminem is coming, and he's in rude health once more. The internet has went into meltdown twice over the past month as Eminem dropped two new tracks from his forthcoming new record, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. The first, Bezerk, saw Em mining the same pop-rap vein that has provided his biggest hits in the past few years, whilst the second, Rap God, sent social media networks into a frenzy. Over a pounding and insistent piano line, Slim Shady sounds more vital and alive than he has in a decade, spitting out nearly 100 words within 15 seconds at one point. The MMLP2 could well, at this rate, rival Doris and Yeezus as the best hip-hop release of the year. Though he has been bedevilled by problems with addiction and depression over recent years, there was a time where Eminem was the most important artist in the world. Though his influence and sales may have seemed to have been on the wane, his work has always been shot through with genius. Chuck D once qualified a truly great hip hop artist as being near the top of the game as both an MC and a song-writer. Here are Slim's ten greatest tracks, which prove he is more than qualified.
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