10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal EPs Of 2017

The heaviest of metal in the smallest of packages.

Reprise Records

How come it’s the long-playing records that always get all the love in the end-of-year lists, when making an EP can actually be infinitely harder for a band?

Not only does an EP often mean that the band that made it is one heavily buried in the underground, desperately searching for a label to call home, but, from a musical perspective, extended plays are just hard work, man!

Think about it: somehow, in a disc half the length of the average LP, you have to pack just as much awesomeness, wowing audiences while also not showing your best hand straight up so that you can hopefully lure them back when it is time for your album to come out.

It’s a ridiculously difficult balance to get exactly right, but the ten heavy bands on this list undoubtedly did just that in 2017. So, as we’ve already performed an enormous run-down of the best rock/metal albums of the year, it’s only fair to do the same with the past twelve months’ more punchy discs, too.

As always, a top ten isn’t going to cover every awesome release that this year has seen. If your favourite extended play hasn’t made the cut here, you can always have a look at our July “10 Best Heavy Metal EP’s of 2017 So Far” list, too.

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