10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal EPs Of 2017

2. Lifetight – Self-Tightled

Don’t let the hot pink colour scheme and casual clothing fool you: Lifetight are one of the UK’s most direct and guttural hardcore upstarts.

Packing the same groove-powered riffs and aggressive abruptness that have spelled success for genre titans like Hatebreed and Code Orange, these four lads may have only come together in July of this very year, but their debut EP Self-Tightled (because puns mate, am I right?) connotes a band that firmly understands its own identity.

The four visceral tracks on this hailstorm of a first step let Lifetight firmly lay their cards out on the table, instantly telling any and all exactly what this group is all about: blowing your face off with sheer, gloriously abrasive loudness.

Opening track and lead single “Energy” wastes no time, its grungy riff quickly leading into a thrasher of a breakdown. “I’ve got bad energy that’s loose inside my head!” bellows out frontman Thomas Smith, his deep yells and primal lyricism perfectly matching the sheer catharsis of Lifetight’s headbang-inducing rhythms.

And that is just chapter one of this four-song extravaganza, with other highlights including the angsty brilliance of “Big Boy House” and the rowdy start of “Misguided”.

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