10 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal EPs Of 2017

9. Tiberius – The Beautiful Ones

Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, Tiberius and their debut EP The Beautiful Ones are quintessential slices of mind-bendingly quick technicality that you are doing yourself a disservice by overlooking.

Providing four tracks of delectable proggy goodness, The Beautiful Ones is an undeniable must-listen for fans of melodic titans like Queensrÿche, Blaze Bayley and Rhapsody of Fire.

The track “Without Hesitation” opens up this punchy purveyor of progressiveness, laying out just how mathematically gifted these five Scots are with a frenetic guitar shred that quickly gives way to Grant Barclay’s low yet operatic vocals. From that point on, the listener knows that, when it comes to Tiberius, all bets are off, and the three tracks that follow suit undoubtedly live up to The Beautiful Ones’ raucous opener. “Cult of Adonis” lets the rhythm section shine through, the drums of Edersson Joffre and bass of Ryan Anderson slicing through the mix before a bizarrely funky verse takes hold.

“Sderot Cinema” and the title track then close out this mathy monster, the latter song especially an anthemic mind-boggler. It’s the perfect endnote to leave a listener on, abandoning them at just the right moment, where they desperately crave more of Tiberius’s heavy yet catchy technicality.

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