10 Best Live Acts In Metal Today

10. Korn

With over two decades together, the dreadlocked nu metal trailblazers are still churning out some of the best live performances of their careers. In fact, Jonathan Davis and co have not lost a single step, delivering sell-out tours and killer festival performances.

Davis’ standard vocals are still on point, and his screaming amazingly seems to have improved, with the unclean vocal work receiving a huge boost in power and aggression when seen on stage. The riffwork of Munky and Head is as heavy as ever, and Fieldy still owns the bass.

Even fans of the band’s more mainstream work can find enjoyment in their live shows, as attested to by several excellent Reading & Leeds Festival performances. Korn even make the effort to use their more electronic material at these shows, highlighting their ever-positive attitude towards musical diversity.

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