10 Best Metal Bands Of The Last 10 Years

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At time of writing, the underground heavy metal scene is the best that it has ever been!

Oh, sure, the vintage metal icons of the 1980s may have been the ones to have reached the most audiences, make the most money and write a lot of their genre’s storied history, but, as far as the sheer quality and diversity of the music is concerned, there is so much to love about the heavy subgenre in the 2010s, and so many hugely different yet constantly awesome subsects and styles to stumble upon.

As a result, it only feels right to celebrate the very best youngsters that heavy metal has offered over the course of the past decade. From arena-filling titans to small yet lauded favourites, from established names to those whose best years are still ahead of them, no stone shall be left unturned as we whisk you through a journey of the very best metal acts to have formed over the course of the past ten years.

Honourable mentions: Holding Absence, King Goat, Babymetal, Prophets of Rage, VUUR, Sons of Apollo, Rivers of Nihil, Møl, Plini, Intervals, Employed to Serve, Wiegedood, Circles, Pallbearer, Sleep Token, Power Trip, Caligulas Horse, Abhorrent Decimation, Brutai, Cane Hill, Bell Witch, Astronoid, As Lions and literally hundreds more!

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