10 Best Metal Bands Of The Last 10 Years

10. Ghost

Having formed in 2008, the ‘70s-inspired Swedish stalwarts Ghost barely scrape their way onto this list.

Their position here at number ten is secured by their sheer success. The Satanic six-piece are a sensation all over the metal-loving world, their decade-long career already heralding more crowd-popping hits and festival headline slots than anyone could count.

It all comes thanks to their simple yet genius music and appearance. Ghost possess enthralling tunes that mix the old-school heaviness of Blue Öyster Cult with the subversive tint of metal and the melodies of modern radio rock. Their look, meanwhile, is in a league of its theatrical own: their vibrant and antitheistic “devil church” gimmick is bolstered by an undying dedication to the weird and wacky, resulting in gigs and music videos that captivate the eye just as much as the ear.

The end result speaks for itself. Three albums in and with many, many more surely on the way, Ghost feel unstoppable. They’re that perfect mix of charmingly simple and unpredictably forward-thinking, and, as a result, have found the affection of both hardened rock ‘n’ roll traditionalists and young, hungry metalheads. Bombastic and constantly creative, they’re a true treat for all of the senses.

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