10 Christmas Songs That Are Actually Good

Songs that transcend the typical festive cheese that blares on the radio.


The Christmas season is stereotypically one full of joy and child-like glee. However, it can be really hard to feel like that when everywhere is awash with some of the most God-awful music created constantly being played. It's torture akin to holidaying in Guantanamo Bay.

Festive music usually goes down one of two routes: overbearing sweetness where everyone's happy and cheery (I'm looking at you Mariah Carey and Shakin' Stevens), or you're a piece of entitled trash and how dare you have nice things (thanks Band Aid!). Both routes do have one thing in common: cheese. Christmas music is the auditory incarnation of being beaten to death by a wheel of Camembert.

Despite this, there are a collection of songs we hear over the holidays that transcend the cringe shackles of Christmas and are by and large, good songs.

So then, in no particular order here are 10 Christmas songs that are actually good.

10. Wizzard - I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

Classic school-party Christmas song from 1973, the glittery snow-yetay (I had to) that is Roy Wood sings about every child's dream and every parent's worst nightmare. The former frontman of ELO and The Move, Wood's short-lived yet highly influential foray into glam rock resulted in this Christmas classic which has the perfect shout-as-loud-as-you-can chorus, often complimenting one too many Christmas sherries.

Formed from half an idea on a scrap piece of paper, Wood wrote the song as a response to the lack of rock and roll Christmas songs and recorded it in the very festive month of August. Wood then decided to turn up the cooling fans in the studio and add a Christmas tree to the mix. The song is a hit and earned them a spot on Top of the Pops, an appearance that gave the song a legendary status.

The festive love has not dissipated on the track as it has charted every year since 2007.


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