10 Greatest Doom Metal Albums Of All Time

9. Thergothon - Stream From The Heavens

thergothonTrack List: 1. Everlasting 2. Yet the Watchers Guard 3. The Unknown Kadath in the Cold Waste 4. Elemental 5. Who Rides the Astral Wings 6. Crying Blood and Crimson Snow Recommended Track: Ignore the track listing this is practically one long, morbid, song which needs to be absorbed in its entirety. Thergothon were a highly influential Finnish Doom Metal band who single-handedly pioneered the Funeral-Doom sub-genre. Unnervingly raw and hideously bleak, their sound was painfully slow, sloth-like even, barely able to heave its leaden weight from one song to the next. Stream from the Heavens is a catastrophic combination of crushing, plodding riffs accentuated by lead vocalist Niko SirkiƤ's death grunts (a vocal reminiscent of someone gargling concrete) and atmospherics that drip with dread and despair. On the odd occasion, often just before the point at which you are ready to end it all, Thergothon throw some ambient noise into the mix, momentarily lifting you from your depression before rapidly reverting back to their signature, apocalyptic, sound; plunging you straight back into the abyss as the funeral dirge riffs engulf you once more. Devastatingly depressing and not an easy listen but a unique, defining moment in Doom Metal history nonetheless. Approach with caution!
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