10 Greatest Thrash Metal Albums Of All Time

3. Megadeth - Rust In Peace

Megadeth 1. Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 2. Hangar 18 3. Take No Prisoners 4. Five Magics 5. Poison Was The Cure 6. Lucretia 7. Tornado Of Souls 8. Dawn Patrol 9. Rust In Peace... Polaris Stand out track: Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, the epic opening track and one of the finest songs in thrash history. Megadeth's fourth album is an example of precision thrash played to absolute perfection with a clean, clear production job adding to the overall effect of machine like efficiency. The brainchild of snarling singer and guitarist Dave Mustaine, arguably the creator of Thrash Metal, this record was the next stage in showing his ex-band mates in Metallica what they were missing. Mustaine recruited shred legend Marty Friedman to provide the stunning guitar acrobatics while the rhythm section of Dave Ellefson and Nick Menza hammered away relentlessly; technique and ruthless artistry thrillingly combining to produce incomparable, in-your-face, thrash metal Conceptually, the album tackles war, conflict and aggression and is as clinical as a military operation. This is the greatest line up in Megadeth's history producing the greatest album in Megadeth's long, illustrious career. Put simply, this record slays from start to finish.
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