10 Most Anticipated Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Albums Of 2017

Carcass, Marilyn Manson, Behemoth and more really want 2017 to out-metal 2016.

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From celebrity deaths to the travesties of politics, as utterly trash as 2016 has been in most respects, there is one positive that came out of this year: its metal has been freakin' awesome!

From Metallica to Megadeth, Gojira to Dark Tranquillity to Ihsahn, the metal records of 2016 have been some of the best to come this side of the millennium. And while 2017 remains a land of mystery with several records rumoured and even fewer actually confirmed, could it continue this year's streak of rock brilliance?

Well, acts like Carcass, Marilyn Manson and Kreator say "Yes. Yes it can," as those three metal legends and many more have awesome stuff lined up for the next 12 months.

While a lot of what this list will cover is still being brewed within the rumour mill, every act mentioned has at one point said that a new album will either drop or be finished in 2017. So don't come back in a few months and tell me in the comments how wrong I was.

But with that said, everything here is a record to get hyped over. So let's dive in and get the excitement into overdrive.

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