10 Most Underrated Britpop Albums

9. Gene – Libertine

After reaching the Top Ten on the UK Albums Chart with their first two albums, Gene were considered darlings of the Britpop movement. However, after disputes with their record label, their prominence started to diminish towards the latter part of the ‘90s. Cue fourth and final record Libertine – an LP which knocked it out of the park musically, but barely scraped into the Top 100.

It’s a shame too because it genuinely is a fantastic collection of tunes. Released in 2001 (well after the Britpop train had left town), Libertine is a shimmering musical delight which draws from bands like The Smiths and The Style Council, while still forging its own path.

Emotionally impactful, musically entrancing, and lyrically absorbing – sadly, Libertine never got the recognition it deserved.

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