10 Music Artists Who Hated Their Own Success

If you're rich and famous you can't help but be happy...right?

When we look at musicians we don€™t just envy their talent but all the fame, fortune and lifestyle benefits that go with it. We imagine packing in our humdrum jobs, hanging out in studios and touring the world. We imagine rushing through airports surrounded by bodyguards while the flash bulbs of waiting photographers pop away. Hell, we even imagine how much more exciting our Instagram feeds would be. But is the life of a rock star really all it€™s cracked up to be? Doesn€™t everything have a dark side, even untold wealth and celebrity status? After all, on tour you might be fawned over by millions of strangers, but months go by before you see your loved ones again. Having paparazzi camped outside your home all day might send your album sales through the roof but your privacy plummets in the other direction. Still, it€™s considered poor form for rich musicians to complain about their lot. I mean, they could be flipping burgers for a living, right? Yet if we put celebrities on a pedestal we€™re in danger of forgetting that they€™re human beings with the same flaws and weaknesses as ourselves. These ten artists, therefore, all of whom have at some point considered their luxurious careers to be a curse, might make us think twice about whether we€™d really like to live our lives in the unforgiving glare of the spotlight.
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