10 Must-Hear Dave Grohl Songs

main pic In a 2005 interview on Enough Rope, Dave Grohl claimed that music was his religion; that he couldn€™t focus without it. And we€™re glad for this, for without Grohl, the landscape of modern rock (and definitely my iPod), would not be the same. For whether it€™s a one-off performance, an occasional album or a long-term project; it€™s getting harder to name bands that he hasn€™t been in, than those he has. It€™s understandable, as Grohl€™s been on the rock scene for 29 years. He started out in the late 80€™s, as a drummer for Scream, before moving on to Nirvana. However, now he€™s probably most famous for being the front-man of the Foo Fighters, a band which has been popular since the 90€™s. Here we have compiled a list of the ten must-hear Dave Grohl songs that spans his career so far. Please note that these songs are in time order and are not ranked.

10. Gods Look Down €“ Scream

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A4z4fxTGGLc After Kent Stax left, the hard-core punk band, Scream, needed a new drummer. So, in 1986, aged just seventeen, Dave Grohl lied about his age and auditioned. The band liked him and offered him the position, which he dropped out of high school to accept. The song, Gods Look Down, was recorded three years later as part of the bands fifth album (second with Grohl), Fumble, which wasn€™t released until 1993. It may not be the most outrageous of their songs, which are heavily political and reject commercialism. And it may not be their most well-known song, either. But, Gods Look Down was the first song that Grohl sang vocals on. So, although it€™s not quite of the same quality as Grohl€™s music today; sounding just a little dated as we play it through computers that weren€™t even thought of when it was recorded, Gods Look Down is definitely a must-hear song for all true Dave Grohl fans.

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