10 Transgender And Non-Binary Musicians You Need To Listen To

10. Ezra Furman

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDOenFQazrA Ezra Furman, who identifies as genderfluid, has a raspy voice that threatens to tear apart any track it appears on. His sound harkens back to defining punk musicians such as The Modern Lovers or Violent Femmes, but with an additional shot of energy on even the slowest of songs in his catalogue. Frankly, he could sing over the sound of a weak-lunged man playing a broken tuba and still manage to sound compelling. "Restless Year," off of his new album Perpetual Motion People is a toe-tapping jaunt about feeling out of place in any and all locations he occupies. Furman is one of the most riveting rock musicians of the past couple of years, and judging by his exuberance will not be slowing down any time soon. Recommended albums: Perpetual Motion People and The Year of No Returning

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