10 Weirdest Wrestling Cameos In Music Videos

1. The Ultimate Warrior - Phil Collins

The 1980s was a curious decade for music videos. Michael Jackson became a zombie in "Thriller", Peter Gabriel became just about everything in "Sledgehammer", and Dire Straits slipped into 3D for "Money For Nothing".

So when Phil Collins made a video for his radio friendly love song, “Two Hearts”, naturally the obvious choice for a co-star was testosterone-fuelled maniac, The Ultimate Warrior. What became of the venture is 90 seconds of optical sludge that's more than enough to cause momentary mental paralysis. Load the spaceship with the rocket fuel, indeed.

The Warrior enters the video about halfway through by awkwardly swaying to the beat of the song, before beginning his beatdown on the Genesis frontman. Collins himself is decked out in red and white wrestling attire adorned in hearts, which is seemingly the only logical tie-in to the song it’s promoting. Needless to say, Mr Collins is no athlete and makes James Ellsworth look like Jeep Swenson.

While Collins obviously isn’t the one taking the bumps in the video, the Warrior himself clearly is the one dishing out the punishment. All of which leads you to believe there’s a stunt guy somewhere, missing some teeth and a few brain cells, with a great story to tell... if he can remember it.

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