12 Raunchiest Music Videos Of All Time

8. NERD - Lapdance

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_uDcCZDrxg Pharrell and his posse sing a song about being ultra violent - "it's a raw night, who wants to bar fight? Well come on alright. And I dare a motherf**ker to come in my face!" - and mix things up with strippers lying around the place. Usually they are draped over Pharrell and sometimes putting on a little sex show of mild lesbianism. The seedy strippers not only tie into the song ("ooh baby you want me? Well you can get this lapdance here for free") but they also bring an edge to the video and a nice dollop of misogyny to imply women are cheap objects. Raunchy, hilarious and violent all at the same time - inevitably it upset a lot of people.
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My first film watched was Carrie aged 2 on my dad's knee. Educated at The University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin. Fan of Arthouse, Exploitation, Horror, Euro Trash, Giallo, New French Extremism. Weaned at the bosom of a Russ Meyer starlet. The bleaker, artier or sleazier the better!