15 Greatest Pop Punk Albums Of The 2000s

14. Bowling For Soup - Drunk Enough To Dance


Say what you will about the musicianship or "importance" a band like Bowling For Soup has to offer, but these guys knew how to have fun. And that fun is damn infectious.

Although the pop punk genre was swiftly co-opted by the emo movement, there are still a few shining examples of the genre's happy-go-lucky origins that were able to stick around through the angsty years, and Bowling For Soup hung in there like champs.

Drunk Enough to Dance is the album that made producer Butch Walker a hot commodity - he'd go on to work with everyone from Simple Plan to Weezer - and he earned his paycheck on this one, perfectly capturing the spirit of a band without a single s--t to be given, while somehow getting them to put together some of the most tightly-crafted pop punk songs of the decade.

And "Girl All The Bad Guys Want" may be the greatest song the band ever recorded.

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