15 Things Only Bruce Springsteen Fans Will Understand

You'll never listen to Born In The USA the same way again.

It can be tough being a Bruce Springsteen fan. Sure, there are a lot of us. Millions of people have been attending Springsteen concerts for decades and his tours are usually up there with the highest-grossing of the year. His albums routinely enter the charts at number one and he's played on the radio all of the time. No, Springsteen is certainly not unpopular and if you're a Springsteen fan you know you're never alone. You could probably walk down the street and find someone who enjoys his music or has a Springsteen story to tell. The man is one of the biggest-selling artists of all time and is an icon of the music world. Why then, do you still get funny looks when you tell people that Bruce Springsteen is your favourite singer and that The E Street Band are your favourite band? Why do people roll their eyes when you tell them that seeing Bruce live was one of the greatest moments of your life and the best concert you've ever been to? Why do people question you when you wear your Bruce Springsteen t-shirt to the pub? It seems that, at 65 years of age, Bruce Springsteen isn't 'cool' any more. It's the music your Dad should be listening to, not you. There is something naff about listening to Springsteen, apparently.These people just don't get it and, unfortunately, never will. Here are fifteen things that only Bruce Springsteen fans will understand.

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