20 Best Electronic Albums Of 2015 (So Far)

"Forget all the equipment, forget the music, it's just literally frequencies and the effects on your brain."

2015 has been an exceptional year for both electronic and club music so far. Standout releases from genres as diverse as noise, grime, IDM, hip-hop, techno, R&B, footwork and grime have consistently strayed beyond the boundaries of where electronic music has gone previously. Old masters like Aphex Twin burst back onto the scene with floods of music uploaded to anonymous SoundCloud accounts. Soulful singers such as Kelela and Dawn Richard have been working alongside some of the weirdest producers around to generate bizarre R&B soundscapes. Club sounds have been chewed up and spat back out by the likes of Flava D, Lotic and M.E.S.H. There has been a notable trend towards electronic releases that use the voice as a instrument for exploring identity and gender. Oh, and the incredible Björk put out another storming release with production credits and accompanying remixes from some truly forward-thinking DJs, as well as being featured (in largely unrecognisable form) on a Death Grips album! Narrowing such a wide range of music down into a list of just 20 proved remarkably difficult. However, this article aims to provide an eclectic overview of many of the best sounds and techniques that stood out most prominently in the electronic and club music released in the first part of 2015, covering Bandcamp releases, albums, SoundCloud dumps and collagic mixes.

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