20 Best Hard Rock & Heavy Metal Guitar Riffs Of 2016

18. Gojira - "Low Lands"

Normally a progressive death metal band that prides itself on technicality and musical power, the French quartet Gojira took a bit of a step back in 2016 with their brand new album, Magma, creating an experience that alternates between punishing death metal and awe-inspiring experimental rock.

And the two styles meet on the album's penultimate track, "Low Lands", which begins as a slow-burning slice of melancholy but evolves into a groove metal rocker by its end. And the guitar riff that signals this transformation is one of this year's best.

It gets a low slot on this list due to the fact that it doesn't pop up until about 4 minutes into this 6-minute song, but it is doubtlessly worth the wait, especially after a lengthy build-up before it.


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