20 Best Metal Albums Of 2017 (So Far)

3. Ghost Bath - Starmourner

Among the best black metal bands to come out of the USA, North Dakota's Ghost Bath haven't even released their third album, Starmourner, yet, but it's definitely among 2017's best.

Trust me, I've listened to all of it.

Generously supplying over 70 minutes of atmospheric, depressive rock, the record is twelve tracks of emotive versatility and songwriting intelligence.

Centred around angelology throughout different religions, Starmourner is the tonal counterpart to its predecessor, Moonlover (2015), acting as a contrast to that album's more tense and overt nihilism. Starmourner, meanwhile, is a beautiful and subversive experience.

Each track bleeds into the next to make the album a fluid journey, never once stagnant or feeling like an arbitrary collection of standalone songs.

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