20 Unsigned Metal Bands Everyone Needs To Hear

Because we need more Ramage, Inc. and These Septic Stars in the world.

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Heavy metal is the genre of the underdog: a mystical sonic realm that lets the scruffy upstart rise from playing bars and crappy basements to sold-out arenas and the headline slot of immense festivals.

At least, that's the theory. That's how bands like Guns n' Roses, Metallica and Iron Maiden sealed their fame back in the day, but doesn't it feel like there's something of a glass ceiling now?

It seems that the next generation of rock n' roll is being kept down as promoters keep returning to the genre's sure-fire moneymakers instead of taking a chance with an up-and-coming artist, no matter their musical skill.

So this list is dedicated to those up-and-comers in the blind hope that you lovely readers out there give these relatively unknown acts a chance, because they more than deserve it.

These are 20 insanely talented and gifted bands that (for some reason) haven't even been snatched up by a record label yet.

20. Our Hollow, Our Home

Kicking off the party is British melodic metalcore rockers Our Hollow, Our Home.

Set to independently release their debut album, Hartsick, in March 2017, the English quintet gained some level of traction thanks to their latest single, "Worms Wood".

Beginning with a shouted and abrasive yet quick verbal attack that borderlines on growled rapping, the track gradually evolves from aggressive to clean, with rhythmic guitars and sung vocals soon taking over.

"Worms Wood"'s transformation from hard-hitting power to arena rock harmony is charismatic and enjoyable, hopefully setting the tone for the rest of Our Hollow, Our Home's work to come.

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