Throughout time, there have been countless bands that have captivated us with their music. In the last half century, Rock n Roll has evolved from “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” to “Welcome to the Jungle” to whatever product this new wave of artists are trying to put out. Bands have changed the genre, and have set an influence for future generations of music. Punk Rock music was the sole reason I set out to play guitar and start my own band. Now, with all the success that the bands on this list have gained, in my eyes they had a chance to be something bigger than they were. These bands had the chance to take over the world the way The Beatles did, the way that U2 did in the eighties.

These are the bands that could’ve been first ballot Rock n Roll hall of famers, but because of circumstance, whether it’s death or the break up of the band, these bands will probably not make it anytime soon (although one band on this list is in the hall, I’ll explain more later). It’s sad to think of what these bands could’ve achieved, because it felt like the best was on its way if they would’ve lived up to their full potential. So here are 5 bands that could’ve been bigger than they already were.


5. The Hivesthehives

The Hives are probably the only band on this list that didn’t have to deal with a lineup change or breakup that significantly effected them. They just underperformed. Some were calling this band the second coming of Nirvana, and many were expecting this garage rock band to take over similar to the way they did back in the early 90s. Their album, The Black and White Album, was given significant exposure, they had a collaboration with Timbaland, and their music was featured in movies, but the album was a flop and since then they haven’t put anything out that has made an impact, only releasing one full length since then in the last five years.

The Hives are a good band, and an even better live band, but it would’ve been nice to see what they could’ve done with just a little of the success they were expected to have. I mean, I’d love to see some good rock music finally make its way back to the American stage, and these Swedish rockers had the chance to do it.

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This article was first posted on January 14, 2013