5 Bands That Will Be Big In 2013

2013 is going to be a great year of music.  Guitar music is back on the rise, heavy metal is…

Scotty Ellwood



2013 is going to be a great year of music.  Guitar music is back on the rise, heavy metal is getting more mainstream and electronic music is reaching a peak never seen before with its influence showing up in almost all genres.

There are some bands out there who have been working below the radar and aren’t yet in the mainstream conciousness, and these are the bands that you should be looking for and supporting.

There is no better experience in this world than seeing a band live for the first time and knowing that they are going to go somewhere, then harking back to the memory that you saw them in a dingy little basement in a dank little club no more than 3 ft away from them while you are awaiting for them to come on stage at your local arena or stadium.


5. Arcite


Arcite are a 5 piece metal outfit from the North East of England who have recently been signed to the Transcend music stable and promise big things for 2013. Prior to this, Jon Wisbey of BCFM Radio (Community Radio for Bristol) was quoted as saying that he couldn’t believe that they haven’t been signed yet, and frankly neither could I.

Described by k33pthesecret.com as the number one unsigned band back in 2011 these boys have spent the past year constantly touring, unleashing a brand of metal (listenable and enjoyable) which is rarely seen under the radar in this country. They have spent tireless hours promoting, cultivating a massive underground fan base throughout the UK’s metal scene.

If you’re a fan of metal music and have noticed a massive drop in quality over the past few years starting with screamo and continuing presently with (insert convoluted noun here)core you are going to be blown away. Frequently compared to heavyweights such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying and Trivium, Arcite have a sound quite unique in the underground metal scene day and age: Your ears detect it as music and find the experience enjoyable. They produce a no nonsense, grassroots mix where in some instances their riffs and breakdowns would appeal to even the most uninitiated procurer of manufactured popular trash.

With a new tour to be planned off the back of their debut album to be released in the coming months, get yourself to one of their shows. No matter what size the stage they are always sure to play with an intensity that will make even the most angry of scene kids want to give up their dreams of becoming a professional hardcore dancer and get down and dangerous in an old school mosh pit.

2013 has been predicted to be the year that heavy metal returns to the mainstream consciousness and Arcite are certainly going to be up there leading the charge.