lana del rey

There are few artists around that maintain such a constant identity in an industry that changes so often, but Lana Del Rey, the 27 year old superstar from New York, has become one of the most iconic individuals in the realm of modern music. Admittedly somewhat of a Marmite character, in that listeners either overtly enjoy her music or are instantly sent to sleep by it, it appears there is hope for those of you who find yourself in the latter (myself included).

These days, anybody with a computer can produce music and the broad spectrum of homemade remixes is ever expanding and adapting, and it would seem that Miss Del Rey has recently found herself the centerpiece to many of these projects.

I must confess, I find her music somewhat dulcet and monotonous, gloomy if you will. So it was a huge and much welcomed relief to discover the following 5 remixes, all of which inject a much needed blast of energy, making the already hugely popular artist accessible to music lovers of various other genres.

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This article was first posted on July 16, 2013