5 Elements That Make A Good Live Act Great

So you’re going to your first concert? You don’t know who to go to…or what to expect. Well, for one,…

Matthew Murray


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So you’re going to your first concert? You don’t know who to go to…or what to expect. Well, for one, you have to pick someone that’s capable of making what we at WhatCulture like to call: music. So if you’re going to see, let’s say, One Direction, you can expect to get bored…and possibly die.

But I’m going to assume (since you’re still reading) that you’ve picked an artist worthy of your time. But you’re still not sure what to look for to tell you if this show is going to be any good? Well, luckily for you, I’ve compiled a little list of the main five things you should probably check out before you go snapping up those tickets. Here they are:


5. Venue

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The venue is such an important component of your concert experience. This information will allow you to quickly figure out just what kind of atmosphere you’re going to be dealing with. If the show is at a massive stadium, expect something epic and, likely, overblown. If it’s at a small club, expect to get up close and personal with the artist.

Massive acts often flock to large arenas and stadiums. There are lots of positives and negatives associated with these types of venues. Firstly, a massive stadium is usually built for sporting event; so the sound quality is likely to be poor and this is something you should consider if you’re weighing up a couple of shows. Of course at the same time, it allows all sorts of overblown nonsense to occur, just ask Coldplay. If you’re into big epic events you’ll have an amazing time at one of these venues!

If this band is playing a small club or bar, chances are the show will be restricted. That means 18+ where I come from, but it could be 21+ in other countries (such as the US). Be aware that there may be a lot of drunken antics if there is a mosh pit. This is also a very real possibility at large venue but remember you will be much more packed in amongst it at a small venue. You will also likely get close up to your favourite group though, which is the main reason many prefer small venues.

It is also worth considering whether a show’s venue is near a populated area. If it is you can expect there to be a curfew on the show. This could shorten the artist’s setlist.