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Being in an unsigned band isn’t a hobby, it’s a mental illness. Traversing the unsigned band mine fields is a rite of passage for many young men and women. Whether it lasts 2 months or 2 decades, those that dare to take a bite from this potentially life altering way of life (Not just good, mostly bad) should take heed from this opinionated, frustrated and passionate Writer/Guitarist/Frontman/Deluded idiot.

Disclaimer. I’m no expert. I have many friends, never mind peers who have accomplished more kudos and success than myself. However,  I’ve been playing in music in bands for years and have supported many signed artists, had my music used in film, toured Europe as a stage hand and assistant, worked as a sound engineer and had a pro shot music video to name but a few.

These are some of the highlights set apart from inevitable, snatching defeat from the jaws of victory low-lights whilst slogging away through some of the beloved British “Toilet Circuit” of live music venues.


Anyway, enough about me. Lets roll.



5. Wear Some Damn Shoes!!

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I don’t care if they’re trainers, cowboy boots or cool loafers laced up like spaghetti. Put something on your feet! That stage you are trampling around barefoot around contains copious amounts of sweat, glass, piss, dirt and blood to name but a few and that was just last nights ingredients.

Unless you are playing arenas and stadiums and you have a rider including an altar,  sacrificial knife, a goat, three virgins and some huge carpets to allow you to walk free of footwear, you should have something protecting your soles. You are not being whimsical or artistic. Prancing around on stage does not make you more grounded and closer to the core of the music. It makes you look like a douche. Stop it.

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This article was first posted on July 15, 2013