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The music industry is a fickle fiend. While a lot of incredible music gets encouraged and promoted, even better stuff often slips under the radar. Usually it’s a matter of an artist not being established enough yet. And we can just whisper to ourselves that the under-rated artist in question will have their day in the sun. But sometimes there are other enigmas. Sometimes an artist has a huge following, yet their new song is mysteriously missing from your favourite radio stations.

What’s worse is when that popular artist releases an entire album of incredible music…only for you to find out nobody knows about it. It seems unfair because, hey, you kind of expect that after an artist gets famous you’ll actually get the pleasure of seeing people eat up their music. Unfortunately, huge bands release invisible albums all the time. I watch it happen every year.

So here are five from the past few years that I thought deserved a little more acknowledgement. In spite of massive fan bases, they just didn’t get off the ground. Because my favourite genres are rock and pop-rock music, they all have their roots in that. So if that’s not your thing, these albums probably won’t appeal to you that much.

Here they are though, my top five albums that, by my logic, more people should really know about (in order of greatness of course):

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This article was first posted on April 21, 2013