5 Mindless Song Lyrics We’ve Let Artists Get Away With (Until Now)

4. Arctic Monkeys - Don€™t Sit Down €˜Cause I€™ve Moved Your Chair

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zqTI6S-pMI Alex Turner may be labelled a €˜lyrical genius€™ but remember he also has a penchant for writing absolute babble gabble. Where to start? €œGo into business with a grizzly bear, but just don€™t sit down cos av moved ya chair€, now Alex, we know you love to rhyme but we doubt partnering with a bear, even for a rough and tough northern lad like yourself, would be a good idea? And it doesn€™t stop there. Let€™s not forget some of the Turner-corkers in the song Pretty Visitors: €œThe tramp with the trampoline under his arm, shifts past your whiskers, so spark is a charm with a barking alarm€ it seems people let the noise of the band vibrate their chest cavities thus bypassing the ear altogether. Turner has admitted in the past that his lyrics lead you to places that don€™t make sense, but also make perfect f**king sense. There€™s always been comparisons to his song writing style with that of The Beatles, who were one of the first to dabble in hippy tongue twirlers, especially in 1967 with I Am The Walrus€™ famously trippy lyrics, €œyellow matter custard dripping from a dead dog€™s eye, crabalocker fishwife pornographic priestess€€ and it€™s no secret that lyrics from songs such as Don€™t Sit Down€ wouldn€™t look completely out of place on one of the Fab Four€™s notoriously psychedelic records.

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