8 Wildly Popular Songs That Are Utter Nonsense

Who cares what they're saying?

It's happened to everyone at some point in their life: you're madly in love with a song, singing it loud and proud only to snap to your senses and ask yourself what the hell you're actually singing. And quite what you were even thinking in the first place. And yet it's okay that you've all liked something that can only be defined as nonsense as some point in your lives. Most of general interests at any given point in time can be defined as nonsense, and the human race has made procrastination and silliness an art-form. Much of that can also be said about music. It is many different things, after all. Music is an artform, music is a window to the soul, music is entertainment and music itself is subjective. Shame on anyone who wants to put you down for your musical tastes. Everybody enjoys some song at some point in their life that they will later have to look back on and be embarrassed about the fact that they genuinely enjoyed it. That said, let's take a look at 8 songs that somehow captured out hearts by making absolutely no sense...
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