9 Bands You Used To Love (But Can No Longer Listen To)

Guilt, shame and Axl Rose.

I hate to break it you but tastes change, and trends come and go. While that's just an inevitable fact of life, it's a rule applies tenfold to the music industry. What was once was so cutting edge and exciting can very quickly become lame and uninspired, sometimes even cringe-worthy. Just look at your parents.

That the music industry changes as fast as it does is one of the things that keeps it interesting. Of course, many music fans don't pay much attention to what's going on in the mainstream, listening only to what they enjoy. But the truth is, even genres and sub-genres have their own internal ecosystem, and it's possible to be influenced without even really knowing it.

With that said, bands don't always lose their relevancy because of trendiness. There are a huge host of factors at play, some of which are due to the kind of music a band starts writing (or stops writing, as the case may be) and others that are down to more personal reasons.

From a band that lost the invaluable gift of subtlety to one of the most iconic rock bands in the world suffering at the now-bloated hands of its lead singer, here are nine bands you used to love (but can now no longer listen to).

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