9 Spanish Love Songs That Make You Wish You Were Latino

If you can’t tell by the name Olsen, I’ll be plain.  I am as white as they come.  I have…

Kaki Olsen



If you can’t tell by the name Olsen, I’ll be plain.  I am as white as they come.  I have auburn hair, green eyes and freckles just about everywhere.  I burn at the mere mention of SPF and my ancestors came from places like Ireland and Denmark.

So why am I here to share a love of Spanish music with you?  About half my freckles come from a time when I lived in Southern California.  I lived there for about a year and a half and I very rarely spoke English.  It wasn’t a hobby; it was an assignment to work with Spanish-speaking residents.  I heard a lot of mariachi music, a lot of nortena music, etc.  Then I came home and used my newfound fluency in Spanish to move into Brigham Young University’s Foreign Language Student Residence.  We were allowed a few minutes per day in which we could speak English in our apartment and that was usually to answer the phone.  The biggest change for me was having to listen to only Spanish music at home.

So between those two, I have learned that a lot of Spanish music is to die for.  I turn on the radio in English and find a lot of narcissistic “love” songs and even more “better off without you” songs.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love The Script and Rob Thomas and I get half the songs that are labeled with “Glee cast recording” the day that the episode airs.  That’s because I love music.  But here are ten of the songs that make me glad I can think in Spanish when I think about love.

N.B.  I have been told that I can’t quote the whole song in my translations, so I’m leaving you with my “Best Bits.”  These will tell you which parts made my twisted little heart melt.  All translations are my own, so I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong.  I also will give quotes of my favorite parts, but not the whole lyrics.