Alter Bridge At The Royal Albert Hall: 7 Ups & 0 Downs

6. Up - The Crowd


No matter how well a band performs on stage, there has to be an audience to match their energy and enthusiasm, to give them something to bounce off. In the same way a comedian needs a crowd to laugh at their jokes, a band needs an audience to scream through each song, and sing with as much passion as the singer on stage.

This audience was fantastic. It was almost a struggle to hear Myles speak between songs over all the screaming, and the introduction of every track was met by fans going wild. There were flags flying from all over the world as people had travelled a long way to see this show, and their enthusiasm showed through all night, never failing.

The epitome of this was during Open Your Eyes, the final song of the night. While it would be understandable for everyone to be drained after the 21 previous songs, Myles was still able to leave it up to them to solely sing the bridge of the song before coming back in for the grand stand finish.

Those in attendance deserved a fantastic show, and that's exactly what they got.


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