The Beatles vs The Rolling Stones: Who Was Actually The Best?

The Beatles or The Stones? A question as old as time (if time was around 50 years old). A question…

Stephen Roberts


Beatles Vs Stones

The Beatles or The Stones? A question as old as time (if time was around 50 years old). A question that has perpetually divided girls, boys, flora and fauna across the globe. A question which we’re going to answer definitively. Right here, right now.

Disregarding trivial topics such as album sales, tour receipts and Facebook likes (the contemporary currency of popularity), we delve into the creative crux of these musical monoliths and discover for once and all who is the bigger cheese.

Ladies and gentleman, this is rock and roll five-a-side. Without goalies.


Ringo Starr vs Charlie Watts

Ringo and Charlie

Ringo, well, according to Lennon, wasn’t even the best drummer in The Beatles! Though right-handed, Ringo led with his left and his distinct style changed the face of modern drumming. By dictating the pace and tempo, no longer are drummers viewed as a minor detail in a band’s structure. Furthermore, he gains  kudos (of sorts) for providing the voice-over of…wait for it… THE FAT CONTROLLER from Thomas The Tank!

The softly-spoken Mr. Watts was once awoken in the wee hours by an intoxicated Mick Jagger who crudely asked “Where’s my drummer?” Watts, understandably aggrieved, suited-up and paid the singer a visit. Upon opening the hotel room door, Jagger was greeted by a haymaker of a right hand, shortly after, the carpet and the immortal words “Don’t ever call me your drummer again. You’re my f*~#ing singer!”

Verdict – Two superb timekeepers but Charlie Watts just shades it. His effortlessly cool demeanour and his general disdain for stardom and its trappings, nabbing him the victory. Those reasons, combined with the likelihood that Ringo only got the gig because McCartney, probably not for want of trying, couldn’t sing, play guitar and drum at the same time.

The Beatles 0 – 1 The Rolling Stones