Bloodstock Festival 2017: 10 Bands You Must See

10. Lionize

They may not be the least heavy band to grace this list, but that doesn't stop funky American garage rockers Lionize from being an endlessly fun live experience.

With a hefty pack of hard rock tunes under their wing, each of which calls back to artists from Led Zeppelin to Clutch to Lenny Kravitz, Lionize's set is guaranteed to be a party for all involved as the quartet take to the Sophie Lancaster Stage on Friday, 11th August.

With dirty riffs and huge, bluesy choruses at their disposal, it will be impossible to go wrong with these underground darlings, who will be hot off a headlining UK tour for suitable practice, as well as on the cusp of the release of their new album, September's Nuclear Soul.

Heartfelt, soulful, brash and always hungry for a good time, Lionize's music speaks for itself louder than these words ever could, and they more than deserve a slot starting out this tightly contested list.

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