The Stars (Are Out Tonight)

You might remember me gushing with excitement recently about the out of the blue birthday single that David Bowie released. If not, where were you when he released ‘Where Are We Now?’? It caused quite the stir. If you weren’t aware though, well a quick look back might remind you here, and you can check that single out then compare it with this new one.

Following on from Where Are We Now?, and ahead of the scheduled March 11th release of Bowie’s new studio album The Next Day, we are gifted with another single and music video in the shape of The Stars (Are Out Tonight). The video, unlike Where Are Now?,  features a more prominent acting role for Bowie and amid speculation on Bowie’s wellbeing this video goes someway to show that Bowie seems to be quite fighting fit actually.

Starring renowned actress Tilda Swinton, this video is a dramatic affair as we find Bowie’s ‘nice life’ with his music video wife (Swinton) being stalked, interrupted and violently/seductively intruded upon by representations of their younger selves, with Bowie’s being played by women to hit that androgyny home. It’s a great video and the song itself is an altogether different direction from that of Where Are We Now? with its guitar driven upbeat that brings to mind Famous Monsters era Bowie and even a hint of, the always Bowie inflected,  Suede.

I’m not just gushing here, but it’s genuinely a great track, and a brilliant sign for the album that will be following it. There’s clearly an abundance of life in the old (diamond) dog yet, and though he has promised there will be no chance of a live tour off the back of The Next Day there are rumour circulating of a more positive outlook towards the possibility of touring. I for one will cry if he doesn’t.

Honest to God tears. Must. See. Bowie.

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This article was first posted on February 26, 2013