DOOM: Every Album Ranked From Worst To Best

Ranking the output of the metal faced villain.


DOOM is much more of a storyteller than people assume. Yes, his lyrics are dizzying and unorthodox when compared to the rappers of his era, and his production style has rarely been matched, but his narrative nuances and skills in character creation are rarely mentioned in the same breath.

The character of MF DOOM has its origins as a coping mechanism. After the death of his brother Subroc and the dissolution of KMD, he spent several years in misery and near-homelessness. The creation of MF DOOM as a tool for revenge against those who sent him into this despair is a major look into its creator's psyche. 

In subsequent incarnations, he furthers the introspection. The character of Viktor Vaughn, for instance, was created to speculate on an alternate timeline in which DOOM never recovered from the events following his brother's death. 

Perhaps the records that I rank lower on this list have eluded me with their introspection. Sometimes DOOM's vision does not reveal itself immediately, but rather after multiple listens. He is the architect behind some of the most interesting musical stories of the past twenty years and to write off a work as having no dominion would be foolish.  

This list will be purely DOOM's studio output - an always interesting, once prolific set of albums that are finally beginning to display the length of their influence. 

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