HMV Sells Chris Brown Album With ‘Woman Beater’ Stickers On Them

Advisory stickers appear on controversial singer’s ‘Fortune’ album in London HMV stores.

Matt Aspin


Copies of controversial male singer Chris Brown’s new album have appeared on the shelves of HMV in certain areas of London adorned with stickers that warn shoppers to avoid buying his CD, it emerged on Saturday.

The news originally came to the attention of the world via the Twitter account of the Cambridge University Student Union Women’s Campaign and showed images of the albums complete with labels warning shoppers not to buy the LP as Chris Brown “beats women”.

The stickers, which read in full as: ‘Warning Do Not Buy This Album! This Man Beats Women’ refer to an incident from February 2009 when Chris Brown was alleged to have beaten his then girlfriend Rihanna during a domestic dispute prior to a pre-Grammy’s party. The pair made headlines again earlier this year when they surprisingly reunited to record a remix of Rihanna’s ‘Birthday Cake’ track. Rihanna has since gone on record to say that she feels Brown is her one true love and she has no intentions of ending their friendship despite the events of 2009. Rumours of a romance have of course been rife ever since.

Anti-domestic violence protestors are believed to be behind the stunt but it is not clear how the CD’s managed to make their way onto the shelves without anyone picking up on the label. Despite Tweeting the images the Cambridge Student Union Women’s Campaign has remained quiet as to the level of their involvement.

Chris Brown has yet to comment. It is unlikely that he will.