Kanye West's 10 Greatest Samples Of All-Time

The hidden tracks behind Ye's greatest hits.

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As one of the fundamental building blocks of the entire hip-hop genre, there is little doubt that musical sampling has become an art form in its own right.

The ability to take an already established song and use it as the basis of an original and innovative new track is a skill that very few musicians have mastered.

However, Chicago-born producer-turned-rapper Kanye West has not only mastered the skill, but has gone on to re-write hip-hop history through his use of the technique.

Not only with his musical abilities, but also through his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of music which too appears to stretch across the entire musical spectrum.

Whether he's sampling an obscure 1970s soul record B-side or one of the biggest electronic dance hits of the decade, his ability to find the perfect track seems to know no bounds.

Even from the early beginnings of his career, making the almost unheard of leap from producer to rapper, his bravery to utilise some of the most iconic tracks ever released is still totally unrivalled by any other artist.

With such a huge collection of chart-topping hits and underrated masterpieces, which one is his greatest?

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