Klone - The Dreamer's Hideaway Review

rating: 2

With the re-emerging popularity of Gojira, French metal might be in for a renaissance period. Klone are a band who fuses together typical heavy metal sounds with grunge vibes that sound similar to Alice In Chains. Frontman Yann Ligner has a voice which at times sounds like Chris Cornell and this great range will undoubtedly serve them well. There are tracks on the record which have that 90€™s grunge feel to them which is obviously a positive aspect and gives the band an appeal to fans of a certain generation but also provides a platform for new fans to discover them and their unique sound. Songs like Into The Void have a real retro vibe and although in a lot of cases you would think it would make Klone sound awfully dated, it actually makes them stand out. It€™s a really progressive record which trundles along, but it never really displays much conviction. The songs are pretty long and some quite tedious and there€™s never a sense of it actually going anywhere, it just meanders and that€™s the big disappointment because of how much of an interesting sound Klone actually have. The last song on the record At The End Of The Bridge is a triumph though; it shows how good the band are at shifting between the genres of psychedelic rock and metal. Ligner screams for his life as the track comes to a climax and it has a real epic ambience to it. You just wish that all the other songs on the album were as interesting though. The Worst Is Over is another great song from the album but there just isn't enough of that sort of quality, this song really shows how much of a varied vocal the lead singer has and his clean vocals are actually excellent. Overall though, the record is too drawn out without any real meat in the middle, the vocals and rhythm section of the band are fantastic and have to be turned up to eleven to be fully appreciated but you just come away from the record wanting more, and it just isn't there.
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