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“Novemeber 10th of this year will be our 20th anniversary, official – how many brothers y’all know kept a job for twenty years?”

So stated infamous Wu-Tang Clan mouthpiece Method Man during a show on Friday March 1st at Los Angeles’ Key Club. Having got the crowd excited with a reference to just how long the influential collective have been together, with this year marking the 20th anniversary for the release of the Clan’s seminal and still inspiring debut album Enter the Wu-Tang : 36 Chambers, Method Man went on to discuss the release of a special anniversary album to mark the occasion.

After a quick tease in relation to that album of “…we working on that now. We got some nice treats on there.” Meth went on to just immediately promise that the new album would be released “this year, this fucking year!” Having not released a full-length proper since 2007’s 8 Diagrams, this year will mark quite a return for the collective, and given the ceremony that it’s celebrating it could make quite the comeback album – not the Wu-Tang ever really went away.

Check out the video of the Man himself making the announcement and, just because, a video of some classic Wu-Tang from that very album they’ll be celebrating this year with its 20th anniversary.

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This article was first posted on March 5, 2013