NASS Festival 2013 - Are You Ready?

NASS Festival is one of the UK's biggest and one of Europes finest extreme sports and music festivals. Along with Boardmasters and Freeze festival, NASS is included in the holy trinity of Relentless festivals, but what does that mean to those unexperienced? As you could have guessed, NASS festival plays host to world famous action sports pros and music artists at the top of their game, year in, year out at Bath and West Showground in Somerset. Across the platform of Relentless festivals you can more or less expect similar atmosphere, artists and degree of sports over a three day period to soak up the sun and even gets your hands dirty at various public sessions of open indoor and outdoor skate/bmx parks when they are not in use for competitions. Previous athletes include Tony Hawk and Matt Hoffman, so keep your eyes peeled if you have some favourites or simply a Tony Hawks pro skater fan. However to keep you from guessing here are a few names you may of heard of. BMXers: Mark Webb, Matt Priest, Daniel Sandoval, Kevin Peraza, Big Daddy Skaters: Austen Seaholm, Ben Nordberg, Chris Oliver Inliners: Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell Sports competitions happen across the weekend with those world-famous professionals and mid-level amateurs here to win the big bucks. More often than not, during the day a competition will always be active in one of the various arenas/parks situated around the festival, which are all a truly marvel to watch. Who wouldn't want to see small children doing backflips on scooters? Nass-festival-banner This years music acts include a rare UK appearance from Hip Hop legend Nas (Nas performing at NASS? Coincidence, I think not!), as well as NME award winner Katy B. Aside from the main attractions you can also expect to find Zane Lowe, Kids In Glass Houses, Idiom and Hadouken! so there is plenty of diversity in what to expect. Although from previous years to those who are NASS veterans, it has changed dramatically in music appeal as once upon a time, you would only find mainstream rock and metal bands however now the majority of acts include DJ's of dub step and drum & bass. You may have anger, you may be pleased. Either way, there are numerous UK festivals who play host to world famous bands, but excluding Relenless, there are minimal who provide such an experience for alternative and upcoming artists alongside the unmissable action and excitement of extreme sports. You could even use this as an excuse for a family day out, which seems to be a popular choice. NASS festival has always been a personal favourite. No doubt it will be your festival of the year and hopefully you will takeaway a new taste in music. Get your decks out and bring your A-game as surely this year its bound to get messy.


Im the new kid in town. Holla!