Coming from a small town most people doesn’t know exists somewhere on the borders of Sheffield, ‘Spiders’ are quickly becoming the band to be reckoned with in the local area. Consisting of brothers Rob and Adam, along with fellow friend Nick, 2012 sure has the potential to be a big year!

Inspired by The Smiths, The Jam and The Cure it may be hard to believe that they haven’t put the word ‘The’ in front of their own name, but then ‘Spiders’ don’t cling on to other bands fame in order to get heard themselves. They are trying to be unique, or as unique as you can be in modern day music while at the same time still paying homage to some of the greats that have come before them.
Their new single is well worth giving a listen, especially if you consider yourself a fan of new music, as it mixes sounds of old with new, punchy, modern excitement that can only stem from a band with a lot of musical clout behind them.

The intro has a nostalgic tinge to it, which grabs the ear and doesn’t let go until 2 and a half minutes later. The vocals have a humbleness which means the lead singer doesn’t have to scream and shout as we hear so much these days, yet it doesn’t seem to lose any of the passion that you may expect.

The video compliments the track well and is produced to a high quality, after the band hired local video producer Andy Little (Skint and Demoralised) to shoot this one after the success the last video he did for them had.

Its subtle colours and natural shots make the video, and the track, seem more organic and no where near the overproduced, overthought concepts we see from bands.

With gigs booked far and wide and a new EP in the pipeline, ‘Spiders’ could be about to become a name on every music lover’s lips around the country.

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This article was first posted on May 4, 2012