The Beatles: 10 Best Solo Songs

Which ex-Beatles member will come out on top?

The Beatles didn€™t stop producing fantastic music just because of the band€™s 1970 disbandment. In fact, and this is a controversial one, some of the best stuff from Paul, John, Ringo, and George came during the post-Beatles era. That isn€™t to challenge The Beatles in anyway. The Beatles are The Beatles. They€™re the best. If someone asks for your top five favourite bands you don€™t even bother mentioning them because they transcend above petty ranking systems. No, it isn€™t a challenge. It€™s just a reminder that upon going solo, the fab four were still the world€™s very best musical artists. McCartney went on to have immediate massive success with the band Wings, Lennon put out some singles that rival even his sixties Beatles stuff in terms of popularity, Harrison continued to solidify himself as one of music€™s most talented guitarists and songwriters, and Ringo, with a little help from his friends in the form of his All Starr Band, is still rocking today. Yes, they each made some fantastic songs following their split up, and here are ten of the very best.

10. My Love - Paul McCartney Easy listening, romantic bliss. From the 1973 Wings album Red Rose Speedway, Paul wrote this crooning hit for his wife and fellow band member, Linda. A fantastic McCartney love poem that quality wise would not have been out of place on a Beatles album, it conjures even more powerful emotions when one remembers Linda€™s passing in 1988. Number 1 in the US at the time of its release, My Love is a fine song to kick off the countdown.
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