The Hip Hop BlingDex: Rap Edition

50 Cent may be lying about his net worth.

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The trouble with rap is best summed up in 21 Savage's iconic 2018 song 'a lot' - where Savage tells us he has 'a lot' of money, but never explicitly how much. Rappers are always bragging about their cars and pricey lifestyles, but they never give us explicit figures - which, for those who want to know, leaves them pretty much out in the cold.

BlingDex takes these questions, and brings you all the answers you could want and more about the kind of money your favourite rappers cash out; bringing you details on the places your favourite songs were recorded and filmed, the costs of the most expensive songs, and the type of money they spend on the crazy cars and insane outfits they grab to look the part.

Want to know about Migos' £1,425,000 chains? 50 Cent's £7,000,000+ music video? BlingDex is the place to find all the details about the crazy money that the best rappers drop for the perfect music video - or the perfect £10,000 worth of food, during the recording.

In an industry where even trying to imagine the numbers behind production feels impossible, it's worth having a source to make the whole thing feel real, makes you appreciate those record-breaking videos even more, and makes your favourite producers all the more exciting.

Trying to figure out who fully commits to making their stuff groundbreaking, and who just just says they do, can really make the difference in figuring out your favourite artists. After all, image is everything.

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