U2: 10 Best Album Tracks

Celebrating the best overlooked cuts from Ireland's finest.

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U2 are the biggest band to ever come out of Ireland (sorry, Westlife), having been on the go for over forty years, releasing 13 studio albums, winning countless awards - even seeing Bono make wearing sunglasses indoors a semi-acceptable thing around the world. The U2 of today strive on staying relevant in the Spotify/illegal streaming world, and never want to fall into the category of "rock legends on tour", like the Rolling Stones.

With a new album on the horizon in the coming months, this is arguably U2's last chance at remaining relevant - though if they knock it out of the park with a couple of radio/streaming hits, the U2 machine will be back at full throttle.

So, with U2 albums in mind, what are the band's greatest tracks?

Now don't expect hits like Pride, One or Beautiful Day on this list, as this is exclusively tracks from U2's 13 albums that were never officially released as singles.

Before getting into the top ten, here are a list of honorable mentions and the album they appear on - ones that despite not making the cut, deserve to be recognized all the same:

Boy - An Cat Dubh, October - Tomorrow, Rattle and Hum - Van Diemen's Land, Zooropa – Zooropa.

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