In August 2012, VO5 Express Yourself launched a popular Facebook competition in which aspiring singer-songwriters could win the opportunity to play the main stage at the 2013 Isle of Wight Festival.

It’s a TV style talent competition with a twist; instead of performing cover versions of classic songs (a’la XFactor), contestants are being judged on their creativity, their ability to compose original music and of course, their ability to perform said music. The aim here is not to discover the next throwaway pop act but in fact a worthwhile quest to crown a champion of individuality and self-expression.

Voting has now closed (the final round will be judged by Ellis Rich, co-creator of E&S Music with Simon Cowell and singer-songwriter Cliff Jones) and the top 20 entrants have been shortlisted and the competition is fast approaching its dramatic conclusion, the crowning of the winner. Want to check out this wealth of exciting, undiscovered talent? You can view the shortlist by heading to the V05 Express Yourself Facebook Page.

Check out the videos on the VO5 Facebook page.


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