Your Demise – Cold Chillin’ Review

Your Demise’s new EP “Cold Chillin’” is a return back to the true hardcore roots of Your Demise. The four…

Cheri Faulkner



Your Demise’s new EP “Cold Chillin'” is a return back to the true hardcore roots of Your Demise. The four track EP has come after great controversy and polar opposite fan responses to their last album, “The Golden Age.”

The first track, ‘Karma’ has already been released, and you can find links to that through Your Demise’s Facebook page. The track is much heavier, truer to Your Demise’s roots, and vocalist Ed McRae is sounding stronger than he ever has. The true morals and values of hardcore echo throughout the EP, insinuated by the use of gang vocals, especially on ‘Just Like The End’. McRae’s passion is more evident than ever, and the sheer composition of the EP just oozes sentiment, determination and adoration from all members’ contributions. The feeling that this EP is important to their careers and them personally is just unavoidable.

The chord progressions and build ups in ‘Nearly Home’ have been described by guitarist Stu Paice as “nasty” and there isn’t a more fitting term for them. The brutality and sheer malice conveyed in just a few notes is outstanding, and Your Demise are definitely back to their roots with this much more independent release following their departure from the Visible Noise record label.

If, like many, you were left dazed and confused after “The Golden Age’ and the album tested your strength as a YD fan, fear not; “Cold Chillin'” will undoubtedly restore your faith in the band, as well as renew it with a brand new passion ignited, and a thirst for more and more of this new material which perfectly showcases the renewed energy from the band.